The International Project Leadership Academy focuses on helping people develop the knowledge and skills needed to lead projects. Aimed at career professionals we provide training direct to students and through our affiliated universities. Using a competency model based approach we provide a ladder of learning that spans from introductory to advanced levels. All International Project Leadership Academy training materials were developed “by practitioners for practitioners” and all instructors have a minimum of 15 years experience leading projects and teams. We leverage best in class knowledge from around the world and supplement that knowledge with original research aimed at understanding how to increase the chances of project success. Our “Why Projects Fail” blog is the web’s leading authority on the causes of project failure and through our consulting arm (Calleam Consulting Ltd) we provide on-site consulting services to organizations wanting to improve their project delivery capabilities.

So why do projects fail? Well one of the reasons is a lack of training. To be able to lead or contribute to a project effectively, you need knowledge and skills. Unfortunately many people are put into project leadership roles for which they have no formal training. They are then forced to learn through the “school of hard knocks”. As our Catalogue of Catastrophe shows, the school of hard knocks has the highest tuition fees of any school in the world. Our mission is to reduce those costs and help leaders succeed!

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