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Skills Development Program

At Calleam our goal is to help people develop the knowledge and skills needed to deliver successful projects. To that end we provide training, mentoring, coaching and support that covers the full learning journey from foundation level up to advanced expert. Recognizing that traditional classroom training has its limitations, our unique three-tiered training method adapts the teaching style to match the level of experience or need.

Calleam’s Skills Development Pathway
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Starting with our foundational training (tier 1) we provide people with the basic knowledge of Project Management practices and how projects are initiated, planned and then guided towards successful outcomes. Focusing on terminology, process, tools and techniques we have the training to equip our students with a broad base of knowledge that covers both formal and agile approaches to Project Management. Setting a solid basis of knowledge our classroom based tier one training helps people develop their knowledge all the way from beginner to professional certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Our tier 2 “transitional” level shifts the focus from building knowledge to developing skills. Using a role model and group coaching based approach we help participants assess their own strengths and weaknesses as leaders and help them use their knowledge in practical application. Recognizing that knowledge needs to be applied, we help people realize their potential and help provide the support that bridges classroom learning into achievements in the modern workplace.

Our tier 3 “professional mastery” level uses one-on-one coaching focused on the student’s own projects to help people master the skills. Helping people optimize their performance and achieve their personal goals our tier 3 coaching puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to direct the training in the directions you want to go. While some schools believe the classroom is all you need, Calleam’s unique three-tier approach recognizes the reality of how people learn. We aim to deliver value that is manifest through the achievements of the students we’ve helped to train.

Core training offered by Calleam Consulting Ltd
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From our online foundation class through to our advanced classes, Calleam can providing training tailored to the needs of different audiences, different organizations and different regions. Samples of our in-class training are listed below:

  1. PMRM-101 – Our foundation level introduction to Project Management
    1. Option 1 – Project Management Foundation – The basics explained and applied – An in-class workshop to introduce the basics of Project Management. The class duration can be tailored to client needs and we have done anywhere from 1/2 day taster sessions through to full 5 day workshops.
    2. Option 2 – Achieving Project Success – As an option we also offer a 12 week online Project Management foundation class through our “International Project Leadership Academy” division.  The “Achieving Project Success” class provides a comprehensive introduction to the processes of Project Management and what it takes to make a project a success (note that the Achieving Project Success class can be run in association with PMRM101-Part 1 or as an independent class for those wanting a purely online training solution).
  2. PMRM-201
    Project Management certification preparatory course
     – An in-class workshop for those seeking professional certification.
  3. MRM-301
    Mastering the Art of Leadership
    – An advanced skills development program for those leading project type work. An online version of the mastering the Art of Leadership class is also available through our “International Project Leadership Academy” division.
  4. PMRM-401
    Why Projects Fail
     – An in-depth look at the causes of project failure and how to avoid them. The Why Projects Fail workshop includes our popular Modelling project behaviour using systems dynamics session which can also be run as a stand-alone 1/2 day professional development session.
  5. PMRM-501
    Project governance and the role of the Project Sponsor
     – A review of modern project governance processes, the role of the Project Sponsor and what it takes fulfill the sponsorship role successfully.

Who Should Attend Calleam Training Classes?

Calleam works with people who have a role to play in the project environment. Attendees of Calleam courses include:

  1. Project team members
  2. Project stakeholders
  3. Project managers
  4. Product managers
  5. Program managers
  6. Business analysts
  7. Technical leaders
  8. Technical architects
  9. Engineers working in a project environment
  10. Quality managers
  11. Management teams
  12. Project sponsors

Calleam recognizes that project success requires strong collaborative relationships between Project Management resources, technical leadership and business functions. As such, Calleam recommends that teams that work together be trained together to maximize the benefits of shared learning.

We work with organizations throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada and through our “International Project Leadership Academy” division provide online training to students around the world. Students who are located in other locations or need the flexibility of online learning are welcome to visit our International Project Leadership Academy website or contact us for more information.

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