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Lunch and Learns

If you want to get a flavor of an important Project Management or Project Leadership topic consider one of Calleam’s “Essence” series of lunch and learns.  Available to organizations throughout the Greater Vancouver region our essence series consists of a set of 1-hour lunch and learn sessions, each of which addresses a single core topic. The lunch and learn sessions condense our other training programs down to their core and present the information in fun bite sized chunks.

Sessions can be booked individually, in groups or as a complete set.  A great way to spark discussion or to fill in a few blanks, Calleam’s lunch and learn sessions help keep an organization thinking, talking and participating. The following list outlines the topics we cover most frequently. Other targeted discussions can be arranged on a request basis.

Our Project Management series

  1. The “PMBOK Guide” in a nutshell – A taster session outlining the Project Management Institute’s “Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”
  2. How to create a project plan – A fast paced introduction to the Project Management Institute’s recommended practices for creating a project plan.
  3. Project requirements management – The art of soliciting, eliciting, clarifying and stabilizing project requirements.
  4. Project scope management – Top hints and tips for those seeking clarity of scope!
  5. Project scheduling – The missing link in traditional scheduling training!  Thoughtful insights into how to create a “workable” schedule.
  6. Project quality management – Don’t just all about quality, achieve it! Insights into the mechanics of achieving the outcomes you want.
  7. Project communications management – A review of the dimensions and approaches in effective quality management

Our Project Leadership series

  1. Project Leadership’s core eight – A rapid fire outline of the 8 basic abilities Project Leaders need to master.
  2. How leaders shape culture – A thought provoking introduction to the mechanics through which cultures form and propagate within a team.
  3. Agile Project Management – A high level outline of “agility” and its application to fast paced business projects.
  4. Why projects fail – A rapid review of the key findings from our research into failed projects and our world leading blog (“WhyProjectsFail.Blog“).

Each session can be used as a stand alone training opportunity or as a prelude towards Calleam’s full Professional skills development program.  After each session each participant will receive a prompt card outlining the key information presented and a list of though provoking follow up questions to consider.  Contact us today for more information.