Our Philosophy

The training classes offered by International Project Leadership Academy were born out of research into the causes of project failure and the subsequent study of what it takes to make a project a success. While most training in the Project Management field is based on standard textbooks or guides, International Project Leadership Academy classes are rooted in practical application, original research and lessons learned from real life projects around the world.

As publisher of the web’s largest resource focused on understanding the causes of project failure (Why Projects Fail) the International Project Leadership Academy has a deep understanding of what goes wrong in real world projects and what it takes to make a project succeed. That research shows that the chances of project success increase when organizations and individuals invest in four basic skill sets:

  1. Organizational skills,
  2. Leadership skills,
  3. Communications skills, and,
  4. Teamwork skills.

At the International Project Leadership Academy we use those four fundamental skill sets as a base for our training classes and have developed a set of materials that help working professionals develop their knowledge, their understanding and the insight needed to lead today’s projects and today’s teams.

Putting the focus on practical solutions, our classes are developed by practitioners for practitioners. Aimed at helping professionals develop the knowledge and skills needed to make their projects a success, our faculty all have extensive experience leading teams in real world projects and are dedicated to sharing that knowledge.

As a core philosophy, we at the International Project Leadership Academy believe that training should be…

  1. Practical – Training should be rooted in practice not theory. Students should learn about ideas they can use rather than theoretical concepts and models.
  2. Accessible – Training materials should be written in plain English so that it needs no translation from textbook to real world.
  3. Flexible – Working professionals are busy people and education needs to be designed so that it is sensitive to your schedule not rigid dates.