Online Classes

Through our online classes the International Project Leadership Academy offers the world’s leading advanced certificate program for those who want to master both the art and science of Project Management. Our flagship “Advanced Certificate in Project Management” consists of three individual courses. Course codes and descriptions are provided below:

  1. Achieving Project Success – A 12 week online Project Management foundation class that provides a comprehensive introduction to the processes of Project Management and what it takes to make a project a success.
  2. Mastering the Art of Leadership – A 12 week online leadership class that acts as an advanced skills development program for those leading project type work.
  3. Applied Project Management – A capstone class for those who have completed the Achieving Project Success and Mastering the Art of Leadership classes and now want to attain their “Advanced Certificate in Project Management”.

Note: The Applied Project Management (APM) class is only available to those who have previously passed the Achieving Project Success (APS) and Mastering the Art of Leadership (MAPL) classes. The APS and MAPL class can however be taken as individual classes without committing to the full certificate program should a student wish to.

Who Should Attend Classes with the International Project Leadership Academy?

The International Project Leadership Academy works with people who have a role to play in the project environment. Attendees of our courses include:

  1. Project team members
  2. Project stakeholders
  3. Project managers
  4. Project leaders
  5. Project coordinators
  6. Product managers
  7. Program managers
  8. Business analysts
  9. Technical leaders
  10. Technical architects
  11. Engineers working in a project environment
  12. Quality managers
  13. Management teams
  14. Project sponsors

At the International Project Leadership Academy we recognize that project success requires strong collaborative relationships between Project Management resources, technical leadership and business functions. As such, we recommend that teams that work together be trained together to maximize the benefits of shared learning.

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