For Universities

The International Project Leadership Academy helps universities and leading academic institutions deliver world class Project Management and Project Leadership education to their students. Providing content, delivery and course management services, the International Project Leadership Academy provides a full service solution to meet the growing market driven need for Project Management education.

As more and more organizations turn to projects and Project Management as tools to manage changes and developments in their businesses, the need for people with Project Management skills continues to rise. In many organizations, no matter the job role, there is a recognition that all professional level staff need to include Project Management skills as part of their toolkit of skills. To help people develop those skills, there is a growing need for universities and leading academic institutions to include Project Management courses in the curriculum they offer their students.

If you have responsibility for planning curriculum or are interested in learning more, read below or contact us

Course Development and Licensing

Focusing on online programs, the International Project Leadership Academy uses a licensing model to distribute high quality online courses through leading academic institutions. From introductory to certification level courses and beyond, participating institutions are able to tailor programs to meet the needs of individual institutions.

Course delivery

The International Project Leadership Academy is a full service provider and if required can host online courses, manage course logistics and provide all necessary support services to ensure a high quality student experience.  In addition, we can assist you in introducing Project Management classes in your local markets by providing expert advice, marketing materials and logistical support.

Online Tutoring

To enrich the online learning environment the International Project Leadership Academy provides online tutoring services in support of the courses we offer.  Facilitating discussion, providing depth of experience and providing feedback on student assignments, our tutors are all practicing professionals with a minimum of 15 years hands-on experience in their fields. All tutors are certified in their subject domains and are trained in the educational standards used by the academy prior to joining the tutoring team.

Program Design

The key to sound design lies in engaging experts in the field. With a rich background in commercial and government-linked organizations, the International Project Leadership Academy faculty have the background to assist you in designing your Project Management and professional skills development programs.

Programs designed on behalf of clients range from individual one-day workshops to full Certificate, Diploma and Masters level programs.

In Person Training

International Project Leadership Academy faculty also conduct in person training for organizations within Canada. Please contact us for further information – Contact us