International Project Leadership Academy

Constant change and the competitive pressures of the marketplace are transforming the world’s economy. In today’s organizations, projects are the stepping-stones of transformation. Helping organizations remain viable and relevant, projects shape an organization’s future outcomes. To meet the needs of today’s employers, there is a growing need for people to include Project Leadership skills as a part of their professional toolkit. Whether leading, participating in, or overseeing projects, people in all walks of life are finding that projects are a part of their professional life. No matter the industry, no matter the sector, the skill to lead projects successfully has become an essential business skill. Navigating complexity, leveraging the strengths of the team and facilitating forward momentum, effective Project Leaders are the ones who “get things organized” and “make things happen”.

The International Project Leadership Academy is a Canadian based online education provider specializing in the areas of Project Leadership, Project Management and professional skills development. Helping professionals and executives develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s world, the International Project Leadership Academy provides business professionals access to world-class Project Management courses and expert tutors. Working directly with students and through our partner universities, the International Project Leadership Academy delivers online courses to students around the world. Written by practitioners for practitioners International Project Leadership Academy classes focus on applied knowledge and practical solutions to today’s organizational and leadership challenges.

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