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Calleam Consulting is a Project Management training and consulting organization lead by Robert Goatham B.Sc(hons), PMP, CQA. Focused on raising the bar for Project Management education, Calleam helps people develop the skills needed to lead projects in today’s complex and fast-paced business world.

While traditional Project Management classes are based on practices developed for the construction industry, Calleam is focused on applying Project Management concepts to projects in today’s business, governmental and non-profit organizations. From finance to healthcare, from retail to entertainment, Calleam helps people from all sectors develop the skills need to successfully lead today’s challenging projects. Recognizing the unique challenges of projects in these business settings, Calleam training helps people navigate a project from raw concept through to delivered outcomes.

Calleam is a provider of both online and in-person educational content. Working with world leading universities, academic institutions and private organizations Calleam delivers the high quality Project Management education needed to help ensure projects succeed.

What makes Calleam Different?

  1. Calleam is focused on applying Project Management process and project leadership skills in business contexts.  While most Project Management training organizations simply copy the Project Management processes from the construction industry and apply them to business projects, Calleam recognizes the unique challenges Project Managers in business environments face and what it takes to succeed.
  2. Rather than simply viewing a project as a set of interrelated processes or tasks Calleam understands that projects are large scale, complex, decentralized, decision making activities.  As such, Calleam recognizes that the key elements that lead to success or failure are the decisions a team makes and the interactions between those decisions.  If you can consistently make good decisions the chances of project success are high.  If you make bad decisions the chances of success drop rapidly!
  3. Calleam training is specifically designed to leverage the natural learning mechanisms by which people develop expertise
  4. Training materials have been developed by practicing Project Managers rather than being based on theoretical models or derived from third party books
  5. Training is delivered by certified Project Managers with at least 20 years of direct involvement in business related projects for highly successful organizations such as IBM and Singapore Airlines.

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