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  1. Is Calleam training just for Project Managers?  
    No.  Successful projects are those in which teams work together effectively.  Effective teamwork is enabled by sharing common understandings of what’s needed to succeed and the traps that lead to project failure.  Calleam recommends where possible that teams who work together train together.
  2. Can Calleam training be tailored for Project Managers only?
    Yes. If an organization feels it appropriate for Project Managers or other specific groups to receive role specific training, this can also be accommodated.
  3. How does Calleam training relate to PMI Project Management certification?
    Calleam training is designed to help everyone involved in a technology project understand what it takes to succeed and the patterns of project failure. While PMI certification is a valuable knowledge base for those working in a Project Management capacity,  Calleam provides training that goes beyond process, tools and techniques and addresses the dynamics that arise as projects, people and processes intersect in the real world.
  4. Does Calleam promote one particular development methodology?
    No.  Calleam recognizes that every project is unique and as such the Project team themselves are in the best position to determine the appropriate methodology for their project.  Calleam training does however include discussion of the affect of the various methodologies on project outcomes.
  5. Is Calleam training focused on large scale projects only?
    No. The patterns of events that lie behind project success and project failure are recognizable in projects of any size.  
  6. Can buyers of technology projects benefit from this training as well?
    Yes.  Project success requires everyone on the project to share common understandings of what it takes to succeed.  Many of the critical decisions made in a project are made by the customer.  Understanding how projects go wrong is a critical element in working with a technology team effectively.   Calleam provides a version of the popular “Why Projects Fail” class that is specified geared for non-technical team members (Why Projects Fail – Sponsors, Customers and non-technical team version).
  7. What percentage of technology projects fail?
    A number of studies have been done to try and answer that question.  Visit the Facts and Figures  page in our sister site Why Technology Projects Fail for some recent data.