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Leadership Training

Research Summary

Leadership Research

Want to take a step up in your career? Wanting to sharpen your skills?

Calleam is proud to offer Vancouver’s only leadership program dedicated to those working in Project Leadership type roles. Based on original research (Research Summary), the behaviors, thinking and approach used by the most effective leaders are not only reviewed, but also physically illustrated!

  1. We are in the process of moving our leadership class to a new platform.  The new class should launch in Q4 2019 – Check back then for updates.


Course Outline

Leadership capabilities are one of the strongest predictors of career success. If you can lead people you have one of the skills employers value most!

Using a unique participatory approach to learning this training program will leverage real-life captured video of real teams making real decisions, real leaders leading real people and real projects delivering real value. Mixing video based content, in class discussions and personalized learning activities, this class is training brought into the 21st century. Tracking the ups and downs of real teams as they struggle to complete real projects this unique class brings to the surface the skills needed to lead. Providing graphic illustration of the lessons in action the class will challenge you to analyze your own capabilities and develop the skills you need to compete.

At the end of the class you will have witnessed first hand project successes and project failures. You will have analyzed the core skills that lead to success and based on those insights you will have developed your own personal skills development roadmap for ongoing performance improvement.

Format :  Nine classroom based training sessions (once a week in downtown Vancouver), plus pre-viewing video assignments in advance of class spread over a nine week period.  All classes a held in the evenings and timed to help accommodate people’s busy schedules.


  1. This class leverages video content that has been made publicly available by its rights holders. Participants are asked to watch assigned videos in their personal time in advance of each session (video assignments are approximately one hour per week). Classroom time will be used for facilitated discussion and analysis only.
  2. For professional Project Managers seeking Professional Development Units (PDU’s) a letter denoting 30 hours of contact training will be issued on successful course completion.
  3. On request we are able to run the “Lessons from Reality” class for group bookings or onsite at your business location. For group bookings the class can be run using breakfast, lunch or early evening sessions as required. Leaving people to complete a normal workday, the flexible timing of the class and the online nature of the interactions allow organizations to slot advanced training into the busy workweek.
  4. Additional personal coaching is available at an hourly rate to individuals or organizations who wish to further relate the classroom learning back to individual performance or real life projects.

All Calleam courses are facilitated by certified Project Managers with a minimum of 20 years hands on leadership experience. Your instructor will lead the sessions, will facilitate discussions and support your learning throughout the class.

What will you learn?

This class is focused on helping leaders develop the self-awareness and situational awareness needed to lead. The curriculum includes:

  1. Thinking like a leader
  2. Building your credibility as a leader
  3. How to create a positive work culture within a team
  4. How to focus and facilitate decisions
  5. Techniques for building effective relationships with stakeholders
  6. Setting and communicating vision and direction
  7. Methods for maximizing team productivity
  8. How to empower a team and leveraging their skills and creativity
  9. The art of delegation and how to provide oversight to a team
  10. Communications skills and the art of creating clarity
  11. How to deal with conflict and mange difficult people
  12. The difference between leadership and management (plus the value of both)

Why choose Calleam?

Calleam is a leading Project Management consultancy focused on helping organizations ensure the success of their projects. With more than 25 years of practical experience and more than 8 years experience delivering Project Management and leadership education, we believe that training works best when practitioners teach practitioners. Drawing upon our deep connections an experience in Project Management roles, Calleam’s training leverages three dimensions: practical experience, industry standard practices and our own independent research into what it takes to make a project a success.

For more on Calleam’s unique research into the causes of project failure and what it takes to make a success visit us at our world leading blog: Why Projects Fail.

Who should attend?

Professionals throughout the economy are finding that leading projects or managing teams is becoming a part of their role. This course is suitable for:

  1. Project and Program Managers
  2. Senior technical resources working in a project environment
  3. Project Sponsors
  4. Operations managers and line managers
  5. Sales managers
  6. Supervisors and team leaders
  7. Certified Project Managers wanting to earn Professional Development Units in order to maintain their designations.

What people are saying

  • “This course was exceptional.  I loved the mix of watching the shows and more academic material in the handouts.  Seeing good leadership in action is critical.  The course enabled us to see it and then discuss it”
  • “The MBA course you wish you had taken (but wasn’t available)”
  • “This course provided a fantastic base to grow my leadership skills on”
  • “Excellent, very helpful to break down leadership to a project context”
  • “This course is an excellent way to understand what leadership really is, what is needed to be a leader and how to engage and be effective as a leader”
  • “Watching the program, evaluating during class and then applying in my actual job was invaluable and totally relevant”
  • “A unique and realistic way of teaching”
  • “When it comes to teaching leadership, lectures don’t work. This class DOES!”


To register for this course please complete the following registration form: Register Now


Payment and cancellation policy: Payment in full is due at the time of registering. There is a cancellation charge of $85 if you were to cancel more than 30 days prior to the first day of class. Cancellations within 30 days of commencement of the course are non-refundable.



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