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Project Management on the ascent

Project Management is a field that has experienced rapid growth in recent years.  Although the origins of Project Management lie in the field of construction, the value of Project Management is now being recognized by organizations throughout the economy. Recent data attained from a major Canada wide job posting website demonstrates that growth and shows […]

Picking a Plum

Hiring is one of the most important processes in an organization, but sadly it seldom gets much attention. Interviews are often rushed and in many cases interviewers allow candidates to simply regurgitate their resume. Given the huge variation in individual capabilities (in software development, studies repeatedly show a 10 to 1 variance) short changing the […]

The Sink Side of Sink or Swim

Everyone understands that moving from being a “doer” of things to being a “leader” of things can be a difficult transition to make. What gets less attention are the transitions that occur as people move from leadership roles in smaller projects to similar roles in larger projects. A number of troubled projects I’ve recently reviewed […]