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Leading Projects – Our new online class

Calleam Consulting Ltd is proud to launch our new online “Leading Projects” class.  Building upon the successful online classes developed for our academic partners in Canada, Calleam has now developed a completely new course that is specifically designed for today’s busy working professionals.

Focused on project leadership skills the course explores what it takes to transform an idea into a delivered solution, product or result.  If you are an “accidental Project Manager” who finds that leading projects is a part of your broader job responsibilities or if you are working towards becoming a full time Project Manager, the Project Management: Leading Projects Successfully course will provide you with the foundation of knowledge needed to succeed.  Helping you strengthen your professional toolkit, the course is designed as a pragmatic, real-world review of the skills and tools needed to navigate your projects from concept to completion.

The Leading Project Successfully course will be run for the first time in January 2012 for our partners at the Sauder School of Business in Canada.  In 2012 we will be offering the course for distribution through other academic institutions or through private corporations.  If you are interested in distributing the “Leading Projects Successfully” course or using the course as part of your organization’s internal training program, please contact us for further details or read our e-brochure – Leading Projects Successfully brochure.

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