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Why Projects Fail – Modeling project behavior using Systems Dynamics

In a nutshell: A Project Management master class for those wanting to deepen their understanding of how projects work in the real world.

Format: 1-day workshop

Delayed, failed and cancelled projects cost organizations billions of dollars annually. Almost every organization experiences the pain of a troubled project at some point. The fallout in terms of cost, damaged reputation and stress can be extreme.

In a workshop that challenges the way we think about projects, the underlying mechanisms that drive project outcomes are explored. Using the “Systems Thinking” process to model project behaviour, the workshop explores the cause and effect relationships that determine if a project will succeed or fail. Going beyond the traditional task and process views of a project, the entwined cause and effect relationships that drive project outcomes are modelled.

Focusing on the central role of decision-making in the project environment, the workshop challenges participants to see projects from a new perspective. Looking at projects as large-scale, decentralized decision-making activities, the factors that affect people’s ability to make effective decisions are explored. The resulting model will give you a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a project a success and arm you with the insight to spot troubles on the horizon and respond accordingly.

Who should attend?

Designed for those with a leadership role in a project environment, the workshop is of value to anyone with an active interest in ensuring project success. Attendees should include:

  1. Project and Program Managers
  2. Project Sponsors and Executives with project oversight responsibility
  3. Technical level team leaders
  4. Quality Assurance Managers and leaders
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Key project stakeholders, and,
  7. Anyone who plays a significant role in a project environment

Workshop outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Explain the use and value of the “Systems Thinking” process
  2. Model systems by creating “System Dynamics” diagrams
  3. Explain the central role of decision making in the project environment
  4. Explain the elements in successful decision making
  5. Define the common cause and effect relationships that drive project outcomes and the interactions between those relationships
  6. Outline common patterns in project failure and how to avoid them
  7. Health-check your project and validate your decision-making strategies.

Course handouts include the full project based systems dynamics diagram showing the cause and effect relationships that drive project outcomes.

The course is also suitable for those who have attained their Project Management Professional (PMP®) or Professional Engineering designations and who are now seeking to gain Professional Development Units (PDU’s) in order to maintain their professional designations.

What people are saying

  1. “This tutorial made me think about projects in a completely different way, very interesting. A+ on quality”
  2. “Excellent information and engaging speaker”
  3. “This one tutorial made the conference admission worth the price”
  4. “The most insightful analysis of project failure I’ve come across – great session”

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