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Lock in that Answer

In the game show, “Who wants to be a millionaire” contestants answer trivia questions by selecting one of four possible answers. The game show host often makes a big deal out of having the contestant make a commitment to their selected choice and one of the catch phrases from the show is “lock in that […]

First Option Adoption

When I ask teams to look back at a decision they made that didn’t work out as they had envisaged, they are frequently able to come up with one or more different alternatives that would have resulted in a very different outcome. While seeing such alternatives after the event is a useful learning exercise, it’s […]

Unconscious Option Adoption

Although making decisions is a part of our everyday lives, we rarely stop to think about how we make them. Given the central role that decision making plays in a technology project, an understanding of the ways in which individuals and groups make decisions is a valuable tool for those who hold leadership roles. One […]