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Role of the Sponsor

Through our International Project Leadership Academy (IPLA) division, Calleam is proud to offer our class dedicated to the needs of Project Sponsors.

Course Outline

Format : 1 day in class session

The role of the Project Sponsor is among the toughest roles in today’s business world. It’s the pivotal role that sets direction, makes key strategic decisions and owns a project’s outcomes. Responsible for transforming concept into concrete and translating opportunity into value, Sponsors work with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk. Making the judgment calls that set the path down which a project will proceed Sponsors set the project objectives, providing project governance services and ensure the project is set up to succeed.

While many people find themselves in a Sponsorship role, many new Sponsors feel unprepared for the challenges cast upon them. In this unique session you’ll have the opportunity to learn what the Sponsor’s role entails and what it takes to perform the role effectively. Increasing your chances of success, the class will give you the situational awareness needed to perform the Sponsorship role to its full.

Drawing on the knowledge of highly accomplished practitioners and lessons learned from the past, course content includes:

  1. Understanding the role of the Project Sponsor
  2. Power and position – delineating the Project Sponsor and Project Manager roles
  3. Setting project objectives and aligning the project with desired outcomes
  4. Project governance
  5. Elements in project success
  6. Classic mistakes and how to avoid them
  7. Benefits realization activities
  8. Project portfolio management practices

This course is an in class session and the level of detail can be adjusted depending on the needs of the organization. The class is nominally 1 day in duration, can be shorted or lengthened depending on the needs of the organization.

Why choose Calleam?

Calleam is a leading Project Management consultancy focused on helping organizations ensure the success of their projects. With more than 25 years of practical experience and more than 5 years experience delivering online Project Management education, Calleam’s training leverages three dimensions: practical experience, industry standard practices and our own independent research into what it takes to make a project a success. Drawing from sources such as the International Standards Organization’s ISO-21500 Project Management practice guide, the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (the PMBOK® Guide) and other reference sources, Calleam focuses on helping people achieve results by applying knowledge.

For more on Calleam’s unique research into the causes of project failure and what it takes to make a success visit us at our world leading blog: Why Projects Fail.

Who should attend?

You don’t have to be a Project Manager to find yourself in a situation in which you are managing projects. Professionals throughout the economy are finding that leading projects is becoming a part of their role. This course is suitable for:

  1. Project Sponsors
  2. Managers and Executives overseeing projects or Project Managers
  3. Steering Committee members

Pricing and registration

This class is customized to the needs of each client and hence does not run as an open enrolment class. Please contact us for further information and for pricing.

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