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Women in Leadership

Leadership is perhaps the single most important skill for today’s business professionals. Those who can lead have an advantage that builds career momentum and leads to career success. Based on Calleam’s acclaimed “Mastering the Art of Leadership” class, this special class offering is aimed at women who are active in their communities, professions and businesses. […]

Role of the Sponsor

Through our International Project Leadership Academy (IPLA) division, Calleam is proud to offer our class dedicated to the needs of Project Sponsors. Course Outline Format : 1 day in class session The role of the Project Sponsor is among the toughest roles in today’s business world. It’s the pivotal role that sets direction, makes key strategic decisions and […]

Lessons from Reality – Mastering the Art of Leadership

Want to develop your leadership skills? Want to get the most from yourself and your team? Want to deliver value and project results? Join us for our new leadership development program! Calleam is proud to offer Vancouver’s only leadership program dedicated to those working in Project Leadership type roles… Private corporate classes available on request – […]

Project Management 101

In a nutshell: A crash course for anyone wanting to get a broad appreciation of how to plan and manage a project. Format: In-class hands-on workshop Projects are an integral part of today’s commercial, governmental and NGO organizations. Used as tools for creating new products and services, as a framework for running events and as vehicles for […]

The Sink Side of Sink or Swim

Everyone understands that moving from being a “doer” of things to being a “leader” of things can be a difficult transition to make. What gets less attention are the transitions that occur as people move from leadership roles in smaller projects to similar roles in larger projects. A number of troubled projects I’ve recently reviewed […]

Broken Windows

There is a theory that says that where small indiscretions are ignored, larger indiscretions will follow. The theory, known as the “broken window” effect, is most often illustrated using crime as an example. The argument says that if a building has broken windows and those windows are left unattended, the presence of the broken glass […]

The Leadership Pendulum

One of the trends I’ve noticed over the years has been the growing importance of the Project Management role. When I first started work more than 20 years ago, many projects were lead by a Technical Leader rather than a Project Manager. Today most projects have a dedicated Project Manager. The change is likely a […]