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Project Management 101

In a nutshell: A crash course for anyone wanting to get a broad appreciation of how to plan and manage a project.

Format: In-class hands-on workshop

Projects are an integral part of today’s commercial, governmental and NGO organizations. Used as tools for creating new products and services, as a framework for running events and as vehicles for bringing about change, projects are the stepping-stones of progress that make things happen.

In a fun and participatory workshop you will learn how to plan a project by participating in a facilitated planning session. Using the “learning through doing” approach, the session will immerse you in the Project Management methodology and teach you what it takes to create a meaningful plan. Covering the essential core of the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK Guide® this course not only explains what the guide means, but gives a practical demonstration of how to apply the processes.

Using a real life case study you will participate in defining the project objectives, establishing the project scope and creation of the project plan. Guided by an expert in Project Management, the session will include mini lectures followed by immediate application of the skills discussed. Topics covered will include:

  1. Defining your project and setting objectives
  2. Establishing project scope and decomposing the deliverables
  3. Establishing activities and estimating resources and durations
  4. Building a schedule
  5. Creating a budget
  6. Risk identification and mitigation
  7. Process and control planning
  8. Project execution

At the end of the session you will have completed the planning of a project and experienced the end-to-end structured processes through which Project Managers plan and manage their work.

This course can be presented in accelerated 1-day format or in a more comprehensive and in-depth 2-day session.

Who should attend?

This course is an introductory course aimed at anyone who has a role to play in a project or who is taking on a project leadership role for the first time. It is suitable for those with no prior Project Management experience or for those who have done projects before but now want to learn about how to do things right.

Workshop outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Define the basic Project Management terminology
  2. Explain the “Product Based Planning” approach
  3. Define project objectives
  4. Identify stakeholders
  5. Define the scope of a project
  6. Create a project schedule and a project budget
  7. Create a risk register
  8. Create a basic project plan for a project

Course handouts include a fully worked example illustrating the use of the tools discussed in class.

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The PMBOK Guide is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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