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Project Simulation

The Project Management Simulation game is an interactive session that allows individuals or teams to play the role of the Project Manager.  Challenging participants to balance scope, schedule, budget and quality dimensions, the game simulates how Project Management decisions made early in the project lifecycle affect outcomes at the end of the project.

Sample outcomes

Using industry data from a series of real life projects, the simulation demonstrates the common patterns of failure that lead to schedule slippage, budget overruns and quality problems.

Post simulation analysis and discussion allows participants to tie the decisions they made to the outcomes they attained.  The resulting insights help participants see the big picture that only becomes apparent when the project lifecycle is condensed down into a single focused session.

On completion of the facilitated session, participants should:

  • Have an understanding of the cause and effect relationships between decisions made early in the project and outcomes at the end of the project,
  • Understand the need for balance between the allocation of resources across different project activities,
  • Be able to recognize the common patterns of project failure.

Learning to recognize the patterns of failure is the first step in learning to avoid them. Expert facilitation and analysis of the results of the simulation arms participants with the framework necessary to lay down the foundation for a solid project.

An effective tool to stimulate thought, participation and discussion, the session offers the insight of lessons learned without the pain of actual project failure.

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