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Perspectives on the PMBOK Guide – Part 4

For part 1 in this series of posts click here. Over-hyped or much maligned? The PMBoK® Guide is a document that continues to polarize opinions. I’ve heard it described as both “a distillate of wisdom” and as “a long-winded obfuscation”. To me both perspectives overstep the mark. Is the Guide all you need to know […]

Perspectives on the PMBOK Guide – Part 3

In part 2 of this thread we started looking at whether or not the PMBoK® Guide processes are truly applicable across a broad range of project types. In today’s post we’ll go further by looking at the skills it takes to run projects successfully and evaluate how the PMBoK Guide fits into that larger picture. […]

Perspectives on the PMBOK Guide – Part 2

In part one of this thread we looked at how the PMBoK® Guide is a framework of processes that can be used to initiate, plan and then manage a project through to closure. In part 2 we’ll start looking at how much value the PMBoK Guide offers real world projects. Are the processes practical? Are […]

Perspectives on the PMBOK Guide – Part 1

A tour of the Project Management forums in LinkedIn shows how divergent opinions on the PMBoK® Guide and the PMP® (Project Management Professional) certification process are. At one extreme are the enthusiastic supporters who have fully embraced the PMP designation and believe that it is a must for all Project Managers. At the other extreme […]