Why Projects Fail – Blog

The following blog is a companion site to the Project Management and Project Leadership classes offered by Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC), Sauder School of Business – Continuing Business Studies. The materials on this site are provided in an effort share knowledge and help organizations develop their Project Management capacity.

“We tend to seek easy, single-factor explanations of success. For most important things, however, success requires avoiding the many separate causes of failure” – Jared Diamond

In today’s organizations, projects are the stepping-stones of progress. Helping organizations remain relevant in a shifting economy, projects are the endeavors that shape an organization’s future outcomes. Delivering value through projects however isn’t always easy and many organizations have experienced the pain that comes from a troubled or failed project. This blog is dedicated to improving project success rates by helping people understanding the causes of project failure and what it takes to make a project a success. Read our sample posts and articles below, read our introduction to why projects fail or view the catalogue of catastrophe to learn more.